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 BRIDGE Scientific Services - Continued 
IBM Canada Education and Training, PBSC Computer Training Centres
I was contracted to teach introductory and advanced (certification-level) OS/2 Warp and OS/2 LAN Server courses in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

IBM Canada, Western Marketing Division
I performed a one-year contract as an OS/2 Marketing Specialist, covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. My mission was to educate retailers, VARs, ISVs and interested audiences about IBM's OS/2-based products and demonstrate their marketability and utility in consumer and business markets.

CKUA Radio News and Public Affairs
Needing better integration to manage staff and budget cutbacks, CKUA Radio looked to OS/2 to run several office functions from the same hardware. At the same time an earlier Netware installation was found to be inadequate for their projected needs. BRIDGE created two systems running OS/2 Warp: a File Server running IBM LAN Server 4.0, and a Communications Server running a number of modem-based services for network and remote-site use.

Gettel & Dezman Appraisal Consultants
In a market of privatized information services, Gettel & Dezman realised that their repository of property appraisals was a potential source of revenue. BRIDGE designed a prototype subscription-based service providing text descriptions and scanned photographs for a wide range of property types.

Alpha Laboratory Services
As part of their ISO 9000 certification process, Alpha Labs needed to revamp their documentation and reporting procedures. BRIDGE created two parallel form sets, packaged as Microsoft Word templates, for client reporting and printed forms for use in the laboratory.

EmployAbilities contacted BRIDGE to provide them with a network to link their computers together without hiring a LAN administrator or adding undue support responsibilities to their existing staff. BRIDGE designed and implemented EAnet, a Netware 3.12 installation that harnessed the power of OS/2 multi-tasking to create a machine-based administrator on-site and an easy access for BRIDGE overview support from remote. On the client side, a layer of DOS Batch, Rexx, and login script intelligence provided a consistent, configurable and state-sensitive interface that scaled to meet the network's growth without expensive network utilities.

IDACOM, (a division of Hewlett-Packard)
Distribution of very popular seminar handbook (Broadband Testing & Technologies) became too demanding of graphics staff, so BRIDGE converted 200 pages of print-based multiple-source graphics to a set of slide files that could be distributed digitally to requesters who could then produce their own materials without delay. As a follow-up to this handbook, BRIDGE oversaw the production of B-ISDN/ATM Testing and Technologies Seminar 1994, combining multi-source graphics and text into edited publication-ready files.

Labatt's Breweries , Human Resources
Corporate reengineering presented two competing problems for a comprehensive benefits plan: more staff were being relocated within the organization, and a comprehensive relocation subsidy program was facing the demise of its mainframe host. At the same time, the financial implications of the subsidy were being re-examined and adjusted, so the old model required new features along with conversion. BRIDGE built the Employee Relocation Subsidy Calculator as a formula-driven spreadsheet to capture the form and rationale of the decisions made into a familiar tool. This application was in use until at least 2006, when a small modification for a policy change was requested.

The Sound Estate Ltd.
A small land developer wanted to build a condominium development from bare land, and needed accurate cost and cashflow analyses throughout the life of the project. BRIDGE managed financial analyses and shepherded the developer through the paperwork involved in New Home Warranty and CMHC certification. BRIDGE also prepared financial projections and a business plan for a Bottle Depot licence application.

Text, Graphics and Image Design
As long as I have used computers I have been involved in the composition of words and pictures into documents, and have had a keen interest in the art and science of doing so. As a small business owner I also realize the value of a professional-looking image that is flexible and inexpensive. The following is a sample of clients that needed either a set of whole-image materials (letterhead, business cards, envelopes) or specific materials for specific purposes (packaging or promotion).
Provincial Pipeline Construction Ltd.   Whole-image materials, including door decals.
Firelight Leisure Corporation   Marketing and product packaging materials.
Canadian Cancer Society   Public Notice materials design.
Grandstand Software Inc.   Whole-image materials, promotion and   product packaging, including software   documentation.

Jerome Yuzyk Mail Me · Browse Me · Google Me Résumé [PDF]
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