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 1980-1988: Education 
An early interest in medicine lead me to Psychology, where the science of inquiry into such a variable subject as the human animal fostered an appreciation for a rigorous approach to asking the right questions and a set of tools for acquiring and interpreting answers.

BSc Specialization: Experimental Psychology (Visual Perception, Cognition, and Social Psychology). Also minors in Art History and Cartography. 1984, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

September 1986 to April 1988: partial fulfillment of MSc program (Psychology), University of Alberta. Proposed thesis: "An Expert System for Consultation in Diagnosis of Breast Cancer from Mammograms." Terminated to pursue business interests arising from research involvements.

Caelli, T.M., & Yuzyk, J. (1985). What is perceived when two images are combined? Perception, 14, 41-48.

Caelli, T.M., & Yuzyk, J. (1986). On the extraction and alignment of image edges. Spatial Vision, 1, 205-217.

Concurrent Projects
Research and development collaboration; patent application (1985-88)
With Dr. T. M. Caelli, Department of Psychology, and Drs. D. Hatcher, P. Schuller, and M. Eggert, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Alberta. I designed and implemented software (and built some hardware) for a system to measure tissue changes from dental X-rays. For an application to patent this system (still pending), I wrote the technology brief (including diagrams) that eventually became the body of the Claims section.

Edmonton Transit Service: Onboard Bus Signage Evaluation (1987)
ETS was about to adopt wide-scale use of electronic route number and destination signs on their buses. In response to concerns about legibility and ease of use, they commissioned this study of alternatives and selection guidelines.

Client Instructor, University of Alberta Department of Computing Services (1982-87)
I started teaching staff and students how to use the University's mainframe computer, developing a teaching model that tried to reach down to users in an era when nobody (in particular) had a computer. The topics were the same as they are today: word-processing, number-crunching, and e-mail, but on a system where the computer was anything but immediate. Later, with the introduction of the Macintosh and IBM PC, I taught roughly the same things, except that they operated right in front of the user. The principles, however, remain the same.

Research assistant for Dr. E.C. Lechelt, Chairman, University of Alberta Department of Psychology (1985-86)
This laboratory investigated tactile perception, or touch. I wrote PC-based software to run experiments and analyze data, and built various computer-connected devices to deliver stimuli and collect responses.

Research associate with Dr. T.M. Caelli, Killam Science Chair, University of Alberta Department of Psychology (1983-1985)
In this human and machine vision laboratory we used a range of computers and custom-designed software for human vision research and machine vision applications. I maintained several PDP-11 minicomputers and IBM PCs, writing image-processing software to support our research projects, and later for commercial prototype applications. I also coordinated the lab's publication work, managing manuscripts and grant proposals.

Research assistant for Dr. P. Dixon, University of Alberta Department of Psychology (1980-83)
This cognition laboratory concentrated on early-stage signal categorization, and factors influencing people's ability to follow instructions. I wrote software to operate several Apple II machines, coordinated experiments, and analyzed data.

Survey Design and Analysis for Wm. Shields and Associates Ltd. (1984)
Coordination of a study of adult educational needs for the Chinook Educational Consortium: data collection and tabulation, results analysis and recommendations.

Jerome Yuzyk Mail Me · Browse Me · Google Me Résumé [PDF]
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