Jerome Yuzyk          Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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I am in my 4th decade as a knowledge worker solving interesting problems using appropriate technologies and an eye for efficient and practical solutions. I have worked in such diverse areas as image-processing and robotics, software development, corporate systems management, small business consulting, technical marketing, engineering, and education. My primary interest is the application of reasoned analysis and appropriate technologies to the practical solution of interesting problems.

Business Interests
I am always looking to broaden my experience, particularly with larger computing endeavours and the application of my multi-disciplinary skills to a wider set of problems. My long-term goal is involvement with technology research and development, as an active participant, adept facilitator, and realistic promoter. I am also interested in bringing technology to people in ways that let them see (through) the "magic."

I currently work with AVRA Software Lab in a unique agile development situation, and have the freedom of mind and time to work on other projects that are interesting and profitable for all.

Personal Interests
My personal interests generally revolve around my desire to know why things are the way they are, and perhaps how to do something interesting or useful with that knowledge. Science and Technology always provides a limitless source of inspiration for new ideas and understanding of old ones. Psychology and Medicine demonstrate that not all "computing" systems need wires and electricity. Meteorology, Horticulture and Auto Restoration encourage patience and an appreciation that not everything influential is always seen immediately.

People Skills
From the start of my career I have known that computers are only a tool for the expression of human endeavours. Early experience educating users in mainframe-based computing helped me develop ways to describe the workings of such ephemeral entities as computers and software to a non-technical audience. Later experience teaching with PCs and networks delivering formal certification concepts and practices was an enjoyable way to deliver knowledge and insight and deepen my understanding of the concepts and applications of the material presented.

Business Skills
While gaining a formal science education in Psychology, I administered several research laboratories at the University of Alberta, designing and developing methodologies, managing equipment, resources, staff, subjects, and the publication process. The same ability to organize diverse resources for constructive forward motion provided me with a solid foundation for application during a tenure as systems manager for a group of engineering firms. This venture involved me in the computing of business: A/R, A/P, budgeting, financial forecasting, and project management, as well as the business of computing: system design and specification, cost/benefit analysis, and application delivery.

Technology Skills
My long-standing interest in the science of technology and the technology of science provides an easily-accessible conduit to future developments, allowing me to be intelligently conversant in the nuts-and-bolts of a technology and keep a steady and informed focus on the changes taking place in our world without being lead by the fashion(s) of the moment. Having worked with nearly a dozen different types of computers (and on hundreds of them), an equal number of operating systems, and hundreds of pieces of software, I can easily adapt to any computing environment.

Communication Skills
I am fortunate to be well-grounded in the old-fashioned methods of language learning: grammar, vocabulary, and composition as a foundation for intelligent expression. Upon that basis I have built a solid record of clear, concise communication enhanced by available machine-based publication tools. Working in voice, print, video, digital, and Internet media, I have attained fluency in the arts and techniques of presenting ideas. I have been

  • on radio two years for CJSR,

  • on television for ACCESS/CLT's HelpTV program,

  • in print for The Edmonton Journal among others, and

  • on the Internet with my own website since early 1997.

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