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I performed corporate and client computer systems and consulting for six North American consulting engineering firms comprising the Commercial-Institutional (C-I) arm of the Stanley Technology Group (now Stantec):

    - IMC Consulting Group Inc.
    - Coordinate Surveys Ltd.
    - Cheriton Engineering Inc.
    - Envirocorp Interior Design Group Inc.
    - IMC Consultants Ltd.
    - Intertecnica Consulting Inc.

In addition to managing over 100 computers and their peripherals, I specified, developed and implemented software applications, delivered training and wrote documentation, designed graphics and text materials, prepared budgets and financial statements, and provided computer expertise for client projects. I was often sourced by various other members of the Stanley Group, locally and world-wide.

IMCBBS: In order to overcome the costs and inefficiencies of using courier services to exchange computer-generated information between offices, I introduced a simple BBS system into the Edmonton office, using a discarded XT computer, a 2400bps modem, and multi-tasked communications software. The system became very popular with IMC and Stanley Group staff, as it neatly avoided the $40/overnight cost of transmitting floppy-disks by courier. A later machine upgrade added an e-mail system, the IMC corporate library, and a central library of on-demand documents. This system became so popular that a second one was commissioned by another Stanley company.

CCCFAC: Every residential subdivision requires up to 50 inspection signatures for Construction Completion and Final Acceptance Certificates before actual home construction can begin. I implemented a MS-Access relational database system to track the approval process, flag milestones, and prepare status reports.

IMCLIB: A MS-Access relational database and Dewey-based indexing system that turned a random collection of nearly 2,000 books and reports into a corporate library, with an on-line catalogue.

DocTools: A package of MS-Word and MS-Excel templates used for all C-I Group documents, using on-screen forms, stylesheets, macros, and scanned logos. These tools updated an old paper-based style guide into a set of forms for easy document creation that could be used by clerical and professional staff, significantly reducing "typing" services and stationery costs.

JobTrak and TimeTrak: A MS-Access relational database to track project and labour costs and tabulate billing summaries in a manner not available from the corporate accounting software.

"Trends in Northern Alberta": For the Northern Alberta Development Council, a 2nd-decade update of a compilation of demographic and economic data. Data and analyses were merged from multiple sources into a 20-chapter book built with MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Lotus Freelance delivered as camera-ready copy.

DrawMan: AlPac Drawings Manager At the peak of final construction of the Athabasca pulp mill, a MS-Access database system used by Alberta Pacific Forest Industries for managing and coordinating the flow of 10,000+ engineering and construction drawings.

NORRIPdb: NORRIP-II Procurements System: A MS-Access database system used by Stanley West Africa to manage world-wide materials procurement and transport ($1 million annually) for a water-engineering project in Ghana.

Research Design and Data Management: Survey design, data collection and management for an Alberta Transportation and Utilities study of water treatment facilities in 140 Alberta municipalities.

Consultant for Office Automation
Consulting to the Stanley Technology Group on word-processing instruction, this assignment came to encompass general computer troubleshooting, standards specification, some application design, and later a full-time position with a member company.

Design Study: Digital tomography system
In conjunction with Axialtome Corporation, San Carlos, CA, I researched and wrote the design specifications for a computer-aided enhancement package for their tomographic X-ray products.

Jerome Yuzyk Mail Me · Browse Me · Google Me Résumé [PDF]
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